Anti Virus Liquid

Anti Virus Liquid
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Anti Virus Liquid

VAT is a distinctive natural product containing varied sorts of Saccharides. This is known for controlling and preventing incurable diseases of plants, which other chemicals cannot control and also offers nutrition to plants. Every plant has a natural defense mechanism which protects it against diseases and the plants which have weaker defense mechanism are attacked by several diseases. When this chemical VAT is applied to the plants the B-glutamate is bio-synthesized by the infected cells and this chemical then works to degrade the infected cells and splinters of which increases the effects. Some of these splinters are B-glutamate; this is saccharin that initiates the production of phytoalexins giving way to the synthesis of lignin and on the other hand cell walls are strengthened. At this level the recovery of plants starts taking place from diseases. Different sorts of incurable viral diseases in the most organic method are controlled by VAT. It improves the final quality of crops.

In addition to control of diseases the fructose and glucose present in VAT offer nutrition to the plant and enhances the crop productivity. Several experiments done in India have revealed that the plants affected by quick wilt of black pepper, tomato, virus of cotton, chilies and etc. have remarkably recovered.

Time of 1st spray: Spray of VAT should be done before 7-10 days of onset of diseases.
Time of 2nd spray: During the time of initial level of occurrence of diseases.
Dosage: In 400-600 liters of water 1 liter of VAT should be diluted or else on the severity of disease. 

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