Cytokinin Powder

Cytokinin Powder
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Cytokinin Powder

Cytokines are also called plant hormones as they promote cell division which is known as cytokinesis. One of the important cytokinin is Benzylaminopurine, which stimulate several plant development advantages like cell division, basal shoot formation, more side branches, bigger fruits and flowers. 6- Benzylaminopurine is known for inhibiting senescence or for slowing down the process of ageing. The most common cytokinin is Zeatin (Z), which is firstly separated from maize (zea maize). There are various other materials with cytokinin action like benzyl adenine or BA.

For delaying senescence in plants i.e. their ageing and death an application of Benzylaminopurine 40-100 PPM is found to be most effective. It concluded that the death of plant tissue was diminished to half. The accurate mechanism due to which it happens is still not clear but most probably it involves capacity of cytokinins of mobilizing nutrients.

  • Enhance the light-induced making of chlorophyll and altering of etioplasts to chloroplasts (procedure of cleaning).
  • Promote flowering, lateral bud and development of branches.
  • It enhances thickness of stems and alleviates the leaf surface.
  • Encourages cell expansion.
  • By cutting the branch ends it makes the branches of plants to produce similar branches without the damage which the pruning causes.
  • 6-Benzylaminopurine generates more number of branches if a branch is pruned.
  • Test of Ethephon, Anthurium plants, and BA or PBA revealed the best results which were 1000 PPM 6- Benzylaminopurine.
  • Plants which were treated with 6-Benzylaminopurine had 6 lateral shoots on the other hand untreated plants had 2 shoots. On the same time height of plants was unaffected.
  • Larger number of applications when applied in higher concentrations.
  • Benzylaminopurine produces better and bigger fruits and flowers.

Dose: Recommended dose if 10-40 ppm. Concentration of 2% is prescribed in 1 lt of water. 

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