Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid
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Fulvic Acid

We have been offering premier quality Fulvic Acid, since our incorporation in the year 2000. Among all the humic acids, this is one of the most plant active amalgamations which help in the stimulation of plants growth. This sort of acid enhances the intake nutrient rate in the plants. Our whole stock of Fulvic Acid is manufactured using first grade compounds under the supervision of professionals. Widely taken into use in agro-sector the whole stock is quality tested on several parameters.

  • Refreshes the soil
  • Holds plants nutrients
  • Highly effective for root development

Other Details Fulvic Acid

The most plant-active compounds of humic acids is Fulvic acid or Fulmal. It is a stimulator of plant growth and enhances metabolism of plants and nutrition intake. It gets produced in the soil naturally by compositing previous plants and also rejuvenates soil. Fulvic acid makes an excellent supplement to fertilizers and enhances absorption of nutrients. It can be applied to the soil and also as a foliar spray. Apart from this it acts as a chelating agent and holds nutrients for the absorption by plants whenever needed. It helps in the improvement of cell permeability of plants. It means that more nutrients will be absorbed by plant cells.

Seed Treatment: 100-250 PPM solution is prepared by soaking seeds for maximum 72 hours.


  • Fulvic acid 70% 12%
  • Buffer solution 80%
  • PGR Coimbi 2%
  • Dose: 2 ml/lt of water and 250 to 500 ml per acre
  • Emulsifier 6%
  • Recommendation: At the time of flowering 1st spray is done and 20 days after 2nd is done
  • Seed Treatment: Before sowing 100-200 PPM for 48 hours

As per one guideline a mixture of 5% fulvic acid and 95% fertilizer is prescribed. Fulvic acid is known for improving the cell permeability of plants which mean that the plant will absorb more nutrients. Therefore, it is an excellent additive of fertilizers. On complete decomposition of plants some of its components become humic acid. Fulvic acid has several benefits for the development of roots; comprising assisting in cuttings develops rigorous root development. Similarly several beneficial effects have been seen in several other plants like squash, cucumber, geranium carrots, marigolds, cotton, and grapes.


In 250ml/ 500 ml/ 1 ltr. / 5 ltr. Packaging formulation of 8% made of 70% active can be availed. In 25 kgs. Bags water soluble 70% Fulvic acid can be availed.

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