Silamol Fertilizer

Silamol Fertilizer

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Soluble form of Siliconic Acid is known as Silamol. In this form silicon is absorbed the best by the plants and is also most effectively utilized. It is the most essential for agriculture because Silamol is soluble form of Silicon Acid. It is under this form that silicon is assimilated by the

  • Silicon is present in the plants is approximately equal to macro nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Silicon is taken up by plants as siliconic acid. This is bio available state of silicon that transports from the roots to shoots to the surface of leaves and stems.
  • Silamol is a distinctive formulation of highly concentrated, stabilized siliconic acid. Plants are exposed to several stresses at the time of growth and the advantages of silamol become palpable under situations of a biotic and biotic stress which is caused by climatic conditions, deficiency of minerals and water. Silamol plays a vital role in the life of a plant and performance of plants.