Super Potassium Humate

Super Potassium Humate
Product Description

There are several benefits of applying humic acids and it is used by several farmers all across the globe as an essential component of the fertilizer program. Plant responsive and biochemically active humic compositions are naturally occurring acids.

These acids are applied straight to the soil and plant foliage in granulated form or liquid form as a mixture in fertilizer or alone. Advantages of accurate application of humic acid includes increase in humus composition, increase in soil fertility, improvement in phosphate availability in soil, breaking up of undesirable clay soil and changing it into productive soil, chalets metals effectively, enhances metabolic action of microorganisms, alleviates top and root growth on a dry and fresh weight grounds & improves the root uptake of plant of K, P, Cu, Fe, Ca and Zn.

Contents of humic acid like Potassium Humate are soluble in water, however, humic acid is not soluble in water. As its components are soluble in water, therefore it is used in formulations like Liquid Formulations. Its 12% liquid formulation is vastly popular and is used for application of soil like foliar application or drip irrigation. Humic acid is chiefly taken into use for applying to root area in soil. For obtaining the best results one should mix one pack of it in 200 liters of water and spread it over 1 acre of land. Apart from this, we also offer Humic Acid 5% granules that are quite popular. This acid conveniently gets absorbed in soil. 5 kgs of granules are recommended for per acre land. This can be applied to all sorts of plants. We also manufacture potassium humate which is entirely water soluble.

Technical specification

 Grade Standard

Bio-Tech Grade

Pack Size

25 kg



Other Name

Humic acid

Purity (%)

95 %

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